The Benefits of Facing the Shadow With Compassion

The Benefits of Facing the Shadow With Compassion

We all have shadow sides to our personalities we may prefer to hide, or perhaps aren’t even aware of.

Psychotherapist and Enneagram expert Beatrice Chestnut urges us to look at these shadow sides with compassion — as our personalities are only a small piece of who we truly are. 

In the brief video above, Beatrice explains how there are shadow sides of each Enneagram type, and why it’s important to be gentle with yourself as you explore yours.

She’ll explain the many benefits of doing this healing work of seeing the shadow, including self-acceptance — as you learn to like, and even love,the parts of yourself you once considered unacceptable. 

As Beatrice shares, bringing these parts of yourself into your consciousness with love, compassion, and care can produce a deep sense of inner peace and wellbeing..

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:01) — What helps the darkness within you become light
  • (0:12) — How you can bring elements of who you are out of the shadow
  • (0:31) — How to uncover new information about yourself that helps you bring more light into the world

You’re likely familiar with the Enneagram, which illuminates nine primary personality types... 

It can light a path to wholeness — and support you in unearthing your true essence, deepening your intuition, and embodying your unique gifts.

Are you feeling called to harness the power of the Enneagram to build healthier, more stable, and more loving relationships — even during challenging times?

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