Practices to Observe Your Fixation and Love Yourself as You Are

Practices to Observe Your Fixation and Love Yourself as You Are

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

The Enneagram was originally designed to show us the main ways we avoid living in presence — and forget the totality of who we are.

It’s also an invitation to remember all nine dimensions of ourselves and the reality of our true nature.

Modern psychology further illuminates the Enneagram by helping us see the most common ways our minds become unconsciously fixated and invested in our emotional, physical and cognitive energies

We develop these fixations to defend ourselves against the fear and emotional pain of separating from our authentic self, from others, and from the Divine. 

While these defenses once served a purpose, they now often leave us feeling isolated, cut off from our deepest sense of meaning and purpose.

The Enneagram can also help us cultivate a deeper sense of compassion for ourselves and those around us. 

By observing who we truly are and embracing our fears and disowned shadow side… 

… we become empowered to create healthy, stable, loving relationships as we move toward our own highest potential.

In the videos below, you’ll learn the practice of observing your fixation —  without judgment — and remembering to love and accept who you are along the way.

You’ll hear from Russ Hudson, one of the foremost Enneagram teachers in the world, and Jessica Dibb, integrative breathwork trainer and one of the great innovators in the Enneagram field.

A Practice to Observe Your Fixation
with Russ Hudson


Learning to Love Yourself As you Are
with Jessica Dibb

Don’t miss these highlights from these two insightful videos:

Russ explains

  • (00:01) — What happens when we walk around “running our personality”
  • (00:36) — What’s really required to view yourself objectively
  • (00:56) — The unintended result of becoming identified with your fixated patterns

Jessica shares

  • (00:01) —  How your life can change when you understand your core suffering
  • (0:36) — The three emotions that are masking your authentic capacity to be vibrantly alive
  • (01:01) — How the Enneagram helps you move past self-rejection

Don’t miss these two luminaries sharing such timeless wisdom. Be sure to take a few minutes to watch!

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