Discover the Energy Medicine of Belly Dance

Sadly, in our culture we tend to see belly dance as simply a dance of seduction — reserved for the young and firm-bodied.

Yet, belly dancing is so much more than that, say Dondi Dahlin, an acclaimed dancer, speaker, and author… and Titanya Dahlin, the founder of Energy Medicine Dance.

These vivacious sisters teach belly dance as a form of energy medicine that’s been performed for thousands of years by women of all ages.

In this 3-minute video, Dondi explains the energy medicine of belly dance and how it can help you heal old traumas, increase groundedness and presence in the moment, open your heart chakra, and experience true joyfulness.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:19) — How belly dance turns on all of your energy systems and weaves beautifully into your existing energy medicine practice
  • (1:35) — Dondi and Titanya’s teachings on how to release past traumas that live in the body through movement
  • (2:05) — By making figure 8’s with your body in belly dance, you can create flow in your energetic body and increase your feelings of aliveness and wellbeing
  • (2:35) — How belly dance can help you feel grounded and solid, open your heart chakra, and be more present in your life

I hope you’ll take a few moments to watch and see this traditional art form in a new light — one of healing, joy, and grounded presence for all who partake.

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Discover the 5 Elements Through Belly Dance & Ceremony

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Discover belly dancing as Energy Medicine to activate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

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