Discover How to Use Your Nighttime Dreams to Heal & Transform

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

What if you could find the answers to your daytime problems at night while sleeping?

Renowned dreamwork expert and bestselling author Robert Moss travels the world teaching others how to look to their nighttime dreams to do just that....

He shows us how your dreams are actually portals to your higher knowing, your soul’s most coveted desires and even to other realms and times where you can explore and discover all sorts of important insights into how to live a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life.

The key to using this free and readily available means of problem solving, soul searching and adventuring is to be open to the unknown.

You must be willing to look at the images and symbols in your dreams as wisdom waiting to be deciphered. You must also be open to surprise – – as our dreams come to tell us something we don’t already know.

In this 5-minute audio with Robert Moss, you’ll discover much more about looking to your dreams for guidance as well as for healing and transformation.

You’ll also hear the fascinating story of a woman who looked to her dreams for a diagnosis to a mysterious illness, and how she not only got the answer but met a guide in the form of a helping animal spirit she could visit in her dream time for strength and support.

Here’s what Robert Moss covers in this insightful audio:

  • (1:03) – How you’re a time traveler in your dreams and how you can also see the future
  • (1:48) – How to break a “dream drought” so you start to dream again and remember your dreams
  • (2:24) – Active Dreaming, a way of dreaming while awake in which you can go back through the doorway of a dream you remember to gain more insights
  • (3:29) – The story of a woman who meets a wolf — an animal guide and ally – in her dreams, that has come to help her heal
  • (4:44) – How the “big story” for your life is looking for you in your dreams

Robert Moss inspires us to look to our dreams as nightly “movies” revealing what we long to know, providing a broader perspective on ourselves and our lives, and as a fascinating means of “travel” to places where we can find comfort, healing and the wisdom to transform into the most authentic and joyous version of ourselves.

Have you looked to your dreams for healing and transformation? What more would you like to know about dreamwork and its capacity to guide you in living your “biggest” story? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Discover Active Dreaming Techniques for Guidance, Healing, Creativity, and Personal Transformation with Robert Moss

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