Discover the Magic & Grace in the Celtic Ways of Being and Seeing

In Celtic Shamanism, everything is deeply intertwined with nature.

Through poems, prayers, gratitude, respect, admiration, and emulation, the Ancient Celts integrated their entire way of being with the wisdom and wonder of the natural world.

In the following video, shamanic practitioner and teacher Jane Burns explains, using poetry and prayer, the depth and breadth of the ancient Celtic connection with the divinity of nature.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:03) — The Celtic tradition’s dedicated and reverent praises of nature through poems, prayers, songs and blessings
  • (0:56) — The spirit of gratitude in Celtic Shamanism — especially in honoring the grace, beauty and wonder of nature
  • (1:59) — How ancient Celts not only acknowledged — but welcomed — nature’s dominion over us and why
  • (3:22) — Inherent in the Celtic way of life is a desire to emulate nature in order to know how to best live on the earth

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