Discover the Power of the Divine Feminine for Uncertain & Challenging Times

Discover the Power of the Divine Feminine for Uncertain & Challenging Times

Whether you’re navigating difficult times personally or staring into the face of the massive global challenges ahead, interspiritual teacher and author Mirabai Starr believes that the Sacred Femininine is the medicine we need for our times.

“The feminine is at home in mystery and ambiguity and liminality,” she says. Thus, in the middle of the unknown and amongst the chaos, the Sacred Feminine shines. 

The Sacred Feminine embodies tenderness, care, community, and loving kindness — and offers balance to the rigidity that can come from the dominant worldview of problem-and-solution. She reminds us that business and technology cannot always provide the solutions that we need.

While the Sacred Feminine’s more comforting aspects may come to mind first, Mirabai notes that She also brings fierce wildness, creativity, and radical truth-telling — all game-changing attributes which can be activated to help us navigate any difficulty or challenge.

In the above video, Mirabai elaborates on this idea, explaining how the Sacred Feminine can be of vital service in times of uncertainty, like the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic, when fear and anxiety were at their peak and we had more questions than answers.

Watch for these highlights:

  • (0:18) — Why Mirabai found the Sacred Feminine particularly relevant in the heart of the global pandemic
  • (1:38) — How the forced isolation somehow connected us and helped us uncover a new sense of integration with all beings 
  • (2:08) — How a response of the heart and a community of care is what we need in hard times rather than technological solutions
  • (2:55) — How both the tender and destructive aspects of the feminine serve the world through incredible challenges

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