Feeling stressed? Help Your Adrenals Recover From Stress, Burnout & Exhaustion with These Medicinal Herbs


Are you feeling stressed? 

The upcoming holiday season, meant to be joyous and filled with family, food, and fun, can also be one of the most stressful times of the year…

Excess stress can cause adrenal fatigue leaving you feeling exhausted, unable to sleep well, and weakening your immune system, making you vulnerable to sickness.

You can replace the stress you might be feeling with a sense of peace and tranquility by supporting your adrenals (and prevent illness and fatigue!) with a few essential herbs. 

These herbs — called trophorestorative — bring your entire body into balance by calming the parts of your system that are overstimulated and rejuvenating the parts that are depleted.

Trophorestorative herbs can help you manage stress more effectively and help you react to the world in ways that prevent you from feeling stressed and exhausted in the first place. 

They can also quickly produce a significant relaxing effect on your brain and nervous system… naturally.

In this 13-minute audio clip, master herbalist David Crow shares details about the trophorestorative herbs and essential oils that can help you recover from adrenal exhaustion, burnout, and other out-of-balance conditions caused by stress.

Don’t miss these highlights that David covers in this powerful 13-minute audio:

  • (0:19) — Two primary approaches for reducing stress by using medicinal plants 
  • (2:48) — Best herbs to use during stressful periods
  • (3:55) — A highly nutritious trophorestorative herb that can be safely consumed in times of stress
  • (5:01)  — Essential oils that can calm down your overstimulated nervous system, almost instantaneously
  • (9:24) — An important strategy for using herbs to deal with stress and burnout
  • (11:56) — Using herbs to assist you in consciously responding to stress

Healers, shamans, and herbalists have long known that medicinal herbs and essential oils are crucial for creating a life of vibrant health and joyful wellbeing. 

Now you can tap into the life force of the medicinal plants for your body, mind, and spirit.

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