The Feldenkrais Method for Depression & Anxiety: Healing Emotion Loops From the Outside-in

The Feldenkrais Method for Depression & Anxiety: Healing Emotion Loops From the Outside-in

When we’re feeling depressed or anxious, we carry ourselves in a certain way. Clearly our emotions have a direct impact on the way we move... 

But have you ever considered that your movement also has a direct impact on your emotions?

As body language expert Lavinia Plonka explains in the video above, this outside-in connection between body and emotions is a core understanding of The Feldenkrais Method… 

...and it's how this method approaches healing anxiety and depression in a unique way.

“When we use somatic education, we're actually working from the outside-in… we're observing the body patterns themselves, which communicate with your nervous system and tell your brain that everything's okay,” says Lavinia.

Don’t miss these video highlights:

  • (0:01) — How our emotions and our movement are interrelated 
  • (0:25) — Ways that we hold “anxiety patterns” in our body 
  • (0:47) — How we can unpack our physical patterns to find greater relaxation and begin shifting our emotional attitudes
  • (1:21) — Examples of how we can work with the physical body to open to healing emotional wounds such as anxiety or depression 
  • (2:01) — Why working with movement awareness is actually working from the outside-in

We hope this short clip with Lavinia, a renowned Feldenkrais expert, will give you a taste of this truly fascinating modality for exploring the mind-body connection and all of its healing wisdom!

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