Get Outta Your Head and Into Your Entire Body

Get Outta Your Head and Into Your Entire Body

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

Many of us are emotionally on guard. We’re stuck inside our thinking minds, too closed off to open to the life-affirming messages of support, encouragement, and love that can flow from our authentic feelings.

What if you could just let go... and open to the wisdom and guidance of your emotions?

Renowned somatic healer Bernadette Pleasant teaches that we’re not meant to just think about our emotions. Our feelings are also meant to be experienced, expressed, and released. Whether we deem them good or bad, it’s their nature to “move” us, and, for our own wellbeing, they should move through and out of us as well.

In fact, scientific research shows that stress caused by pent-up emotions can contribute to many health issues, including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and even a suppressed immune system.

In the above video, Bernadette assures you that discerning, feeling, and liberating your emotions will bring greater wellbeing and abundant joy into your life.

Don’t miss these inspiring highlights: 

  • (0:04) — The magic that happens when the body is fully engaged
  • (0:10) — The essential information your thinking mind often overshadows
  • (0:21) — The real reason you feel everything that happens within and around you
  • (0:55) — Proof that you’re always learning something new
  • (02:41) — How to turn any emotional experience into your dance partner

Bernadette is full of powerful wisdom. I hope you’ll set aside a few moments to watch her video!

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