How To Upgrade Your Intuition (And Use it to Choose Your Best Next Steps)

How To Upgrade Your Intuition (And Use it to Choose Your Best Next Steps)

Ben Hart
Ben Hart:
International Speaker and Writer, VP of Marketing at The Shift Network

As a culture, we have come to worship logic and reason.

Many people, though, find intuition to be a much better tool in decision-making, especially since intuition isn’t dependent on having all the right data.

In fact, many extremely successful leaders admit that they use a combination of logic and intuition when making important decisions.

If you’re having trouble trusting your intuition to do heavy lifting, you’re probably like most people who experience their intuition as something that comes completely out of the blue and is just a vague sense or feeling, usually giving simple “yes” or “no” information.

Yet, it’s possible to increase your intuition far beyond this capacity...

You can actually increase your ‘connection’ to your intuition so much that you are able to access it whenever you want and receive detailed information on whatever answers you seek.

In fact, you have the ability to have long conversations with your intuition that give you in-depth guidance about your life and how to move forward in the best way possible.

Your intuition doesn’t have to come as involuntary flashes of small bits of information but can instead be a truly powerful, precise and reliable support to your life at any moment you choose!

So, how do you increase the capacity and accuracy of your intuition?

Check out this video from renowned Coach, Change Agent and Author Tim Kelley to discover the two major reasons that people become blocked from this wide open connection and some methods for how to overcome these blocks to upgrade your intuition.