John Robbins’ Quick Tips on Eating for Personal & Planetary Health

John Robbins’ Quick Tips on Eating for Personal & Planetary Health

Kelle Walsh
Kelle Walsh:
Shift Team Writer

Turns out that eating for our longevity is also essential for the longevity of our planet...

Internationally bestselling author and co-founder of The Food Revolution Network, John Robbins, recently shared a few keys to eating for sustainable health — ours and the planet’s!

Just in time for Earth Day, check out John’s quick tips here:

  • Eat real food. Eat foods closest to their most natural state. (For example, enjoy a baked potato rather than french fries.)


  • Shop where whole, natural foods are celebrated, such as farmers’ markets and natural foods stores. (Or grow your own!) “If you stay in the produce aisle for half of the time you're in the store, and you make sure that your shopping cart is at least half full of produce, that's a good way to go.”
  • Resist the lure of packaged and prepared foods — even if they claim to be “natural.”
  • Eat mostly plants. Robbins’ 1987 best-selling book, Diet for a New America, advocated for a vegetarian diet. However, he believes that including animal products (if any, what kind, how much) in your diet is an individual choice that should take into account how certain foods make you feel. That said… the less meat we eat, the lower our carbon footprint and the lesser our ecological footprint across the board — especially since modern meat production has become environmentally disastrous and systematized cruelty.
  • Eat Consciously. If you're going to eat animal products, you’ll want to choose wisely, to ensure they are humanely raised, organic, grass-fed and free range. You’ll really want to go that extra mile to avoid factory farm meat products.


The more accountable and responsible you are, the more powerful and the healthier you’ll be — and the healthier our planet will be!


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