Is Life Happening to You or for You? Michael Beckwith Reveals How to Move From Victim to Manifester

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

Do you believe that life is happening “to” you or “for” you?

If you’ve ever been let go from a job or gone through a painful breakup, you may have felt (understandably) that the situation was happening TO you.

As time went on, however, you may have come to believe that the Universe created the situation FOR you — to open up new opportunities, new awarenesses, and new lessons for your spiritual growth.

Indeed, viewed through this lens, all of life’s challenges, even the “tiniest” of struggles, come with built-in blessings

The important lesson here is that when we perceive that life happens “to us,” we’re operating out of the energetic frequency of “victim consciousness,” according to leading transformational teacher and bestselling author Michael Beckwith.

As Michael explains, when we begin to live more intentionally and consciously, our vision expands and we witness the Universe unfolding with more purpose and grace.

As your awareness of and appreciation for the perfection of universal law gradually expands, the greater the positive magnetism of your consciousness, and the more you attract into your life that which you desire.

Making this radical shift in consciousness — moving from victim to manifester — positions you firmly in the flow of life, awakens you to the truth of your divinity, and moves you ever closer to realizing and expressing your highest potential.

In the short video below, Michael illuminates how you can begin to live your life in “flow motion” — and use the power of Life Visioning to make life work for you instead of against you.

As Michael so eloquently affirms, living in this flow state strengthens your resolve to live purposefully — and reinforces your capacity to do, to achieve, and to become.

Moving from “life happens to me” to “life happens for me” is like moving from swimming upstream to swimming with the current of life.

You live in the exhilarating certainty that the beauty and goodness of the universe is flowing through you — and you’re surprised and amazed at the ceaseless supply of gifts and blessings that come your way.

Where are you still feeling as if life is happening TO you? Have you experienced the gifts of life happening FOR you? We’d love to hear from you!

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