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Music: Infinitely Beyond
Fanning the Flames of Your Feminine Fire
By Fanning the Flames of Your Feminine Fire

By Patrick Rawlings

Sitting looking at the blank computer screen in front of me, I start to feel things. Not just ordinary things, but things that have no definition in any dictionary. Things that inspire and heal and change the very fabric of who we are down pass the core of ourselves to something that can only be described as Infinitely Beyond -- Infinitely Beyond our languages, our cultures and our morals. Infinitely Beyond our moon and sun, out past all the bright lights we see in the night sky, out past even the things we can’t see but are surely there. When I feel these things I translate them into songs… Songs filled with notes, chords, rhythms, dynamics, modes and keys… Songs that carry with them that Infinitely Beyond. This music nourishes our planet and all of creation through energy, intention, healing frequencies, and other forces more advanced and loving than we could ever imagine.

Having been with my Grandma alone in the desert all of one summer five years ago, I had many personal breakthroughs. I discovered the joy of sitting in peace; minding my own business only to realize that a scorpion was doing exactly the same thing less than a foot from my legs. I made friends with a horny toad and roadrunner, both of which always seemed to show up when I was contemplating taking a day off of work, as if to say, “Patrick, come play with us out here while you work in this huge sandbox we call home.” I talked with the carrot seeds about life and death, and I practiced the ancient Kung-Fu art of hoeing a garden, all while it was 96 degrees outside. I had a lot of time on my own to really get to know myself and my connection to our earth.

Working in the hot, dry New Mexico soil one day that summer, I suddenly felt urged to write and record my first album using my computer, a simple microphone and a keyboard. Organically farming by day and recording songs by night, I was simultaneously connecting with the earth and with myself on many levels. Gardening tends to the soil of the earth just as writing songs tends to the soil of the songwriter. What resulted was an immediate, more intimate relationship between the planet Earth and me. Fully alive and breathing in its own way, Earth is a special planet. It has connected me with the unseen help all around us.

Fast forward to today, as I sit here writing these words, and I am still in awe of the transformation that has been occurring ever since that summer and the music that has been coming forth since. It seems never ending at times, with full songs streaming through me in a matter of three hours or less many days.

This music is here because there is urgency like never before. Let it in with open arms, as I do every day. Then go out into the world and connect with those plants and animals, touch that soil, and absorb that nectar from Earth itself because it is all there, it is all willing and it is all loving, and it is awaiting you right now.



I Am Earth Visual Music Meditation™
By Patrick Rawlings
Instructions: Sit comfortably and put on stereo headphones, if possible. Take three deep breaths and then watch the video. Let the words, colors and sounds flow through you and over you. Give yourself permission to experience all the emotions that arise and then sit with the stillness for a few minutes after the video has ended. Go run water over your hands to ground the energies and emerge back into your day. (To learn more about Patrick Rawlings read his profile below or click here.)