James O'Dea
James O'Dea:
Renowned peacebuilder

Someone recently asked me, “What is the relationship between music and consciousness?” Great music comes from the higher planes of consciousness which we refer to as the subtle planes where, you could say, consciousness is actually music. So the best answer to this question is, “When you ascend in consciousness you become music. You become the music of cosmos and creation. You become the music of the very roots of passion, of spirit and love without limits.”

The higher you ascend the more subtle and refined the energy gets: every thought, every emotion synchronizes with exquisitely subtle frequencies. Great composers talk about receiving music rather than actually creating it in their heads. It is as if we hear their harmonized impressions from deeply attuning and touching the subtler vibrations of Source itself.

Attention, it seems, is a process of merging. We enter into what we give our attention to. The fuller our attention the deeper we go into complete imaginative immersion. Einstein believed his scientific theories emerged out of imaginative communing. Rather than being fiction or fantasy, imagination is a higher faculty and a more subtle substance than linear intellect.

Imagination, like the dream world, is supersaturated with a multiplicity of meaning. We leave the binary codes of either-or and we enter into the inclusive territory of both-and. The depth world of consciousness transcends polarities and brings all perspectives into its purview. The further we step back into a wider perspective the more we can experience the vast interrelationship between everything. This is much more than getting the concept of a universe that is a web of connections, it is awakening a living connection to all being. It is a heart awakening to the life-force of oneness and its expression in qualities that radiate unity.

Empathy and compassion are aspects of deep imaginative engagement and communion -- experiencing others as self. We step into what appears as otherness and embrace it as self. We see beyond the walls of separation. The river of our attention flows toward a wider ocean of unity. Once consciousness is liberated from being ensnared in endless calculations about differences, it breaks out of fragmentation and the illusion of separateness. We then understand that reality is whole. And wholeness heals all wounds.

We now know where the wounds of a fragmented world can take us and just how lost we can find ourselves when we join in self-righteous blaming. We also know that we can get dragged into whirlpools of entropy by constantly having our attention and energy sucked into the problems created by division. The great spiritual challenge is to grow and grow as servants of the whole and not be swept away as enthusiastic partisans of the part. And many souls across the planet have begun to live that challenge.

Living into oneness is already giving birth to a new humanity even as the fires of sectarian rage create untold suffering. A generation is rising, mentored by conscious parents and wise elders—a generation whose hearts and minds are shifting to landscapes of global oneness.

If your head gets in the way and you can’t see it, breathe and listen deeply. Maybe you will hear a single frequency calling like a clear flute in the center of your heart. Just give your attention to that one pristine note until slowly it finds its place in the symphony of all life. Then step into the music that always was and ever will be.