Oneness, Love, and the Evolution of Humankind

Oneness, Love, and the Evolution of Humankind

Steve Bhaerman
Steve Bhaerman:
Cosmic Comic

According to my friend and Spontaneous Evolution co-author Bruce Lipton, crisis precipitates evolution. If we look at the multiplicity of burgeoning crises in our world -- ecological, economic, political, personal and spiritual -- we can see that the chances of precipitation are about 100%. The good news is, modern science is now confirming what ancient wisdom has been telling us for millennia: We are all connected, and that connecting power is love.

The love we are speaking of here isn't some wishy-washy sentiment but rather the glue that just might hold the Universe together. Dr. Leonard Laskow, author Healing With Love says, "Love is a universal pattern of resonant energy.” In this sense, two or more tuning forks vibrating together are in love with each other, just as two or more humans can resonate in a palpable field of connectedness, joy, and even ecstasy. Love, he said, “is the universal harmonic.”

As a cellular biologist familiar with the patterns of evolution, Bruce Lipton calls the evolution of life on earth -- from the single cell organism billions of years ago to the multi-trillion cell community that comprise you and me -- a Universal Love Story. That's because at each stage of this evolution, there is a vastly increased connection, community and awareness. In other words, love.

Based on the fractal patterns of evolution, says Bruce, we can predict that the next stage of human evolution is recognizing that we are each and all cells in a larger body of a super-organism called Humanity. I prefer the term "humankind" because it emphasizes a key tool for our evolutionary transformation, human kindness.

So ... what if we were cells in the same organism?

Would we come to recognize that warfare, exploitation and the more toxic forms of competition are really an autoimmune dysfunction?

Would it become obvious that cooperating, and working together for the betterment of all is the gateway not just to our survival, but the "thrival" of our species?

Would we see that what we have considered "idealism" must now become "real-dealism", and that what we might call "utopian" our body would simply call "health"?

Half a century ago, the brilliant scientist and visionary R. Buckminster Fuller wrote a book that simply states our choice -- Utopia or Oblivion. Bucky gave us another guiding principle, something he called The World Game: “To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone.”

Might that be a worthy mission statement for an evolving humankind?

Companies that wish to be successful have mission statements, as do individuals seeking to have an impact in the world. Why not a mission statement for a species who is finally awakening to its truer "Self"?

And that's where Humanity's Team and Global Oneness come in. Oneness offers a meta-context for relating to reality, and informs the structures and institutions we build and our activities on a daily basis. As Swami Beyondananda says, "We are all one with the same One, and each of us is totally unique, just like everyone else."

Global Oneness Day is a celebration of that awakening awareness, and every speaker and participant offers a unique point of view and point of light to point us to our true destiny, as individual cells and a whole organism. By tuning in, you are affirming this new evolutionary reality that is becoming ever more real. When Bruce Lipton and I wrote Spontaneous Evolution, we thought of it as a noun in the future. We now recognize Spontaneous Evolution as a verb in the present. And as more of us become "present" to this tipping point in evolution, we recognize we are individually and collectively the "hero / shero" in the greatest Reality Show of All -- Reality!

Yours in evolutionary upwising,

Steve Bhaerman

Steve Bhaerman is the slightly-more-serious alter ego of cosmic comic Swami Beyondananda. He is the author of seven books, most recently Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here with Bruce Lipton. He can be found online by click here.