Two Benefits of Becoming One With Cosmic Consciousness

Two Benefits of Becoming One With Cosmic Consciousness

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

Have you ever wondered what the true benefits of evolving consciousness actually are? Let don Oscar enlighten you.

You have the power to make contact with cosmic wisdom, the capacity for deep healing, and the inner ability to commune with the starlight of your soul’s originating source.

And, you’ve always had this power within you, teaches Peruvian Maestro Curandero don Oscar Miro-Quesada

We're all equipped to cultivate the courage, strength, and love needed to face — and transform life’s challenges.

Don Oscar shares the history of his ancestral Andean peoples of Peru, who cultivated a mastery over the ceremonial configuration of sacred space as an interdimensional portal. Along the way, they reactivated the latent spiritual power present in venerated temple sites throughout the world.

You too can become a living repository of the evolutionary star wisdom found in the sanctuaries and landscape shrines of our Ancient Ones as you become one with cosmic consciousness — transforming your current reality into something so much more awesome than life’s petty, mundane trivialities.

In the above video, don Oscar explains how embracing this transformational journey can change your life.

Don’t miss these insightful highlights:

  • (00:34) — What the ancestral Andean peoples of Peru have known all along about mimicking the stars on earth
  • (01:22) — What happens when you move into your own life path, knowing that you’re more than just a physical being
  • (01:51) — The true meaning of consciousness
  • (02:29) — What you can accomplish with the power of your imagination
  • And much more…

Don Oscar has such a uniquely inspiring way of sharing his insights — be sure to take a few minutes to watch!

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