Warm Up With This Classic Qigong Practice: Ringing the Temple Gong

Warm Up With This Classic Qigong Practice: Ringing the Temple Gong

The Shift Team
The Shift Team

Did you know you have the power to take your health into your own hands with simple, yet effective Qigong practices?

A classic 2-minute Qigong movement practice called “Ringing the Temple Bell” is a wonderful way to begin an exciting new journey to better health.

In this video Dr. Roger Jahnke, Qigong master, demonstrates that by simply turning your torso and allowing your hands to swing and gently tap your body, you send waves of vibrations deep into the tissues of your vital organs.

By doing so, you're shaking up the cells and tissue spaces and stimulating the movement of fluids that help cleanse your body from the inside.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:06) — Dr. Jahnke demonstrates the simple movements of this classic Qigong practice
  • (0:28) — Discover how to send waves of vibration deep into the vital organs of your body
  • (0:50) — Learn the sacred meaning of “Ringing the Temple Gong”
  • (1:26) — Explore how to use this Qigong practice to vitalize your organs and tissues

Movement practices like this are one of the four fundamental aspects of Qigong known as the “4 Baskets.” The other three are breath practices, mindfulness practices, and self-applied massage.

As an integrated approach these ancient practices can neutralize stress, increase energy, prevent illness, and support the rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit.

Discover Qigong practices to upgrade your self-care regimen — and complement Western-medicine approaches to your health and healing.

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