What Are Ancestral Rivers? with Eileen McKusick

What Are Ancestral Rivers? with Eileen McKusick

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

Did you know that fascinating information about your ancestors’ inner and outer lives is stored in your biofield — your body’s electrical system?

This information is encoded in patterns and rhythms that organize and orchestrate your health and the way you experience your life today — most of which happens at a subconscious level, says Eileen McKusick, the creator of Biofield Tuning.

The ancestral river that flows along the left side of the body holds the patterned information, stories, and personalities from your mother’s side of the family, while the ancestral river that flows on the right side holds the same information about your father’s side…

You can use the power of sound to untangle this ancestral information — to heal your maternal and paternal lineages forward and backward in time.

A pioneer of biofield science, therapeutic sound, and electric health, Eileen has been mapping our biofield anatomy for nearly 30 years through a process that gauges the overall health of the electromagnetic field of the body — and harmonizes it using the sound frequencies of tuning forks.

In the above video, Eileen shares a helpful map that explains the biofield anatomy — and the profound healing that can take place within it.

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video with Eileen:

  • (0:24) — The biofield anatomy map that illustrates where specific ancestral information can be accessed
  • (0:45) — What you can learn from what Eileen calls the tone of the song of your DNA
  • (1:04) — The healing that can take place when you use a tuning fork to listen to the signal you’ve inherited from your ancestors

Eileen has so much trailblazing wisdom to share; I hope you take a few minutes to watch.

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