What is Celtic Shamanism and How Is It Unique?

Celtic Shamanism is a unique shamanic tradition enriched with the healing energies of the Celtic lands — the poetry, history, and lore alive with the wisdom of the ancestors, Gods and Goddesses, Bards, Druids, and faeries.

So how, in practice, does this make Celtic Shamanism different from any other type of shamanism?

In the following video, shamanic teacher and practitioner Jane Burns explains the unique aspects of Celtic Shamanism — and why she thinks many people are drawn to this tradition.

Don’t miss these video highlights:

  • (0:15) — The reverence, care and respect for the use of language — and the value of one’s word — in Celtic Shamanism
  • (1:10) — The transformational power of the word to “turn the hearts of men,” to heal discord in communities, and so much more
  • (2:03) — How the Celts used  language in prayers, blessings, and incantations to praise and exalt the beauty of nature in each moment — and to commune with the Otherworld
  • (3:48) — The Celts' appreciation for the forces of creation, wonder, beauty, and magic — and how these forces can nourish and sustain us
  • (5:00) — How you can use the wisdom of Celtic Shamanism to tap into those forces to imbue your own life with magic, beauty, and harmony

Do you have any experience with Celtic Shamanism? Share your thoughts and insights with us in the comments below.

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