What is Evidence-based Mediumship?

Is there someone who has passed that you'd love to have one last conversation with?

Often, people turn to professionals who claim to speak to those on the other side, yet it can be hard not to be skeptical — wondering if these so-called mediums are for real.

But one woman — mystic, medium, and author Suzanne Giesemann — is taking the guesswork out of mediumship and asking the spirit world for more evidence...

Suzanne practices, and teaches, a different approach to speaking with those on the other side called evidence-based mediumship.

What this means is that Suzanne is not satisfied until she can confirm verifiable facts from the spirits for her clients. Learn more about evidence-based mediumship in the video above.

Watch for these highlights:

  • (0:05) — The meaning of evidence-based mediumship
  • (0:22) — Examples of the kinds of evidence that Suzanne asks for from those in the spirit world
  • (0:47) — The “wow” pieces of evidence that make Suzanne’s clients gasp
  • (1:08) — The difference between evidential mediumship and normal mediumship
  • (2:00) — How you can differentiate one spirit on the other side from another by the specific evidence that they give you

Discover an ‘evidence-based’ approach to mediumship to make reliable connections with the Spirit World.

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