What Life Looks Like When You Practice Shamanism in a Modern World

Marjorie MacIntosh
Marjorie MacIntosh:
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Much of our culture is consumed with the superficial, the artificial, and only that which can be seen with the naked eye. But walking through every day only acknowledging the surface things can lead to suffering — unhappiness, malaise, and depression.

Those on a spiritual path know that we must connect to the divine and acknowledge the unseen to feel truly happy and satisfied. And we must cultivate a sense of inner peace and joy to be able to manifest the great things we see for our lives, for others, and the world.

The practice of shamanism is an incredible way to nurture our need to connect in a deeper way. This is because it is way of life that acknowledges that everything — from trees to rocks, to animals, to people — is interconnected in every way and vibrantly alive.

Shamanism, thereby, is truly medicine for our modern world, and shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman is in the business of teaching her students how the practices of shamanism are not just ritual, but a way of life that can cultivate connectedness and joy in those who choose to walk the path.

In the below 4-minute clip Sandra shares more about why shamanism is relevant in the modern world and the ways it can enrich our daily lives.

She discusses how aligning with shamanic wisdom can help cultivate stronger communities, a healthier planet, and a higher vibration of radiance and joy in your life… even in these very modern and tumultuous times.

Give it a listen and don’t miss these powerful highlights in this audio clip:

  • (0:10) — How our ancestors have been leaving breadcrumbs for us for thousands of years that will help us thrive during the times that we're living in right now
  • (1:45) — Just like the animals on the planet, we get messages from the world that we can access if we open up our non ordinary and unseen senses
  • (2:55) — In learning about the practice of shamanism, we learn how to bring our community together so we can truly support and help each other while celebrating each person’s unique gifts and strengths
  • (3:25) — It's time for us to learn what would bring passion and meaning back into our lives again — to learn what is our destiny and what we came to contribute at this time of the planet

Have you tried shamanic practices as a way to stay connected and find joy in your modern life?  We'd love to hear from you!

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