Where the Highest Level of Individual Awakening is Happening…

Where the Highest Level of Individual Awakening is Happening…

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

Evolving spirituality has long been considered a solo, inside job –– yet you don’t have to go it alone…

Did you know you can expand your consciousness more quickly –– and experience an even deeper connection to the Divine –– when you awaken with others? 

If your solo spiritual practice feels rote, isolating or even a little narcissistic, or you find your time on the cushion is reinforcing parts of you that you need to let go, you may be actually blocking your evolution and constricting your access to a higher level of consciousness.

“We mysticism,” a relatively new “shared” spiritual practice taught by transformational teacher Patricia Albere can help you expand your consciousness in a vibrational field she calls the “higher we.” (Patricia talks about this dynamic new paradigm in an audio at the end of this blog.)    

The practice of “awakening together” involves more than sitting on your zafu in a room filled with fellow meditators, each having their own personal  moments of transformation. 

It’s about awakening as a collective, which takes some reorientation and schooled sensitivity –– but it’s well worth it…


Here are 3 reasons to take your “me” practice into the multi-dimensions of the “higher we” consciousness: 

1. When you awaken in partnership with another person or a group, you experience a multidimensional “shared consciousness.”

Individual growth is always a good thing. Yet, when we’ve reached a more evolved, healed and empowered self through our solo spiritual practices, the natural next phase is a yearning for a deeper communion with like-minded seekers.

When you step out of your solo “me” practice and join with another in moments of shared consciousness, you open to the larger, universal field of consciousness, which holds and embraces each person. Simultaneously, you feel connected to something bigger than each of you. In this way, you literally share awareness — your connection with others in the shared field is a portal to all of existence.


2. “Awakening together” opens you to a deeply felt shared experience of human relatedness, love and heightened spirituality. 

As you connect with others through shared awareness, you feel the boundaries between yourself and others thin and a beautiful state of loving resonance begins to develop.

The sacred energy you once felt alone on your cushion merges with that of others, making for a more potent form of spiritual realization. 

You come in contact with the pure, loving source of each other’s being –– and Being itself. 

You can still feel your own distinctness –– and may, in fact, feel more intimate with your own depths than ever before –– yet, at the same time, you feel the other with a deep, intimate sense of care and concern.  

3. When you’re in “higher we” consciousness, you access deeper intuition and new possibilities for partnership and co-creativity. 

Through our deep connections with others in the larger field of consciousness, dynamic opportunities for co-creativity emerge. 

“We” consciousness opens you to more intuitive knowing and grace and opportunities for collaboration. You quite literally start to think and feel as one. This “creative union” ignited by each other provides a momentum far more powerful than creating alone.

Contemporary spiritual teacher Patricia Albere views this practice of mystical co-creating as necessary to our collective evolution and ability to conceive innovative solutions that can heal and transform the entire planet.

In the following 5-minute audio clip, Patricia talks about the importance of our individual, personal spiritual work — yet how the new paradigm of awakening together opens us to a shared consciousness in which we unite in the larger field and become “orchestrated” by a larger intelligence.



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