Live Your Most Unleashed Life, Now with Bernadette Pleasant

Live Your Most Unleashed Life, Now with Bernadette Pleasant


Do you ever feel like you’re “too much”? 

Like your grief is “too much,” your passion is “too much,” or even your joy is “too much”?

What happens when we’re given the message — as so many of us are from early childhood — that our feelings are meant to be toned down, kept private, or ignored altogether? 

Somatic healer Bernadette Pleasant noticed early on in life that she rarely felt free to simply be herself. Instead, she was always toning herself down because she was convinced her emotions were “too much.” 

In the video above, Bernadette shares what happens when we become too accustomed to living, as Bernadette puts it, “half-assed emotional lives” — and the profound joy that comes with living out loud, proud, and full of color! 

Don’t miss these highlights in this eye-opening video with Bernadette:

  • (01:05) — The questions Bernadette urges you to ask yourself when you’re feeling like you’re “too much”
  • (01:32) — What most people do to adjust to the world around them and the intensity of their feeling
  • (01:54) — The emotions that can crop up when you’re living a half-assed emotional life (as Bernadette calls it!)
  • (04:47) — The damaging lessons you were likely taught at an early age without realizing it — and how you can move past them now

Bernadettte has an engaging teaching style and an empowering message to share. I hope you take a few minutes to watch.

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