Align With Your Soul’s Plan Through Dreamwork

Align With Your Soul’s Plan Through Dreamwork

Marjorie MacIntosh
Marjorie MacIntosh:
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Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that your dreams are sending you a message, but you just can’t seem to figure out what it is?

This sensation is an important one to pay attention to, because your soul has a master plan for you, and it is working through your dreams to manifest it.

If you are ignoring that inkling or not paying attention to your dreams you may be missing vital messages your soul is trying to send you about this plan.

In fact, not tapping into this “plan” is one of the major reasons that it may seem like what you want to manifest may not be coming to light.

This is because we tend to try to manifest the things we think we want, and not what the soul truly wants. The things we think we want can be tainted by the influence of others around us or by the bias of our self-defeating patterns. The true longings of the soul are the ones we must answer to, and the ones that the universe will lift us up towards if we hear the call.

According to Dream Expert, Robert Moss, dreams are a potent source of communication from your soul and a way to tap into the secret desires of the soul, which we may have somehow forgotten or tuned out from in our day-to-day lives.

Robert says,“We need to dream, dreaming is the way that we connect with the deeper universe. It's our way for direct experience of the sacred. It is the safest and most common everyday way of entering an altered state of consciousness, and it is the heart of what real shamans and real healers need to learn and need to do.”

In the above audio, you can listen in as Robert elaborates on how dreams offer us messages from our soul.

Here’s what he covers:

(0:10) How we can honor what the soul is telling us to do in our dreams

(0:25) The ancient Huron word for “the secret wish of the soul as revealed in dreams

(1:19) What happens when you don’t listen to these secret wishes of the soul

What Robert makes clear is that your soul desperately wants to communicate with you, but you know how it can be when you wake up with a dream fresh in your mind… the dream and its message might not make much sense first glance.

That’s where Robert’s work comes in — it’s possible to access the soul messages from your dreams, interpret these messages, and then take action on that sacred guidance.

Through the steady practice of what Robert calls “Active Dreaming,” you can begin to access and interpret the messages in your dreams and actively bring their wisdom into your daily life.

Robert teaches a plethora of practices, including advanced practices in shamanic dream re-entry and lucid dreaming for exploring the soul’s messages, but for the very beginner he recommends keeping a dream journal as a vital first step in your practice.

Having a notebook on your bed stand and writing down everything you remember about your dream immediately upon waking is the trick – then you won’t forget the dream before you get to it.

When you are consistent, and when you read over your past dreams regularly, you will begin to see insights and soul messages emerge at a larger scale over weeks, months and years.

Accessing your soul’s messages through dreams can be easy if you take the time to acknowledge them, reflect upon them, and do your dreamwork. Your dreams are free for the taking, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to access their wisdom in helping you to manifest your most meaningful life.


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Have you been touched by Robert’s teachings in this audio or elsewhere? How has dreaming helped you to manifest your life, your relationships, your work in the world? Share your comments below!

Discover Active Dreaming Techniques for Guidance, Healing, Creativity, and Personal Transformation with Robert Moss

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