Awaken the Healer Within

Awaken the Healer Within

The secret to wellbeing, good health, and cultivating an evolved consciousness, according to Andean shaman Puma Fredy Qispe Singona, is to have a light heart. This means to be in absolute peace and harmony with self and all others, including Pachamama, our Mother Earth. 

And this is why it’s so important for us to have daily rituals and to be in ceremony — to live consciously, in reverence and gratitude for the miracle of life. Ceremony keeps us in tune with what really matters. 

Trained since he was six years old to become a global healer for this exciting moment in time, Puma tells us that it’s time for each of us to awaken into the next level of being.

“We are transitioning from what we used to call limited consciousness into evolved consciousness.”

This new era of humankind requires each of us to heal ourselves, in order to heal the world and life on Pachamama as we know it.

Here are some key points that Puma covers in the video: 

  • (0:01) — The secret to cultivating an evolved consciousness...
  • (0:32) — Why it’s important to be in ceremony each day
  • (0:51) — Puma describes the new era of evolved humans
  • (1:50) — The importance of elders in global awakening and healing

Now is the time to awaken your inner medicine man or woman. I hope this wisdom from Puma inspires you to take another small step forward on the path to healing personally and globally.

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Do you sense the inner healer within you awakening or awakened? Which parts need healing or are being healed? Please share in the comments.