How Biofield Tuning Restores Optimum Health & Happiness

How Biofield Tuning Restores Optimum Health & Happiness


Have you ever wished there was a way to not take on all of the heavy emotions swirling around you on a daily basis? 

Or for a way to just shake off all the excess emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around for perhaps decades? 

If you’re an empath, or a highly sensitive person, the three clips below could be of interest.

Grab a cup of tea and listen in on Eileen McKusick, the founder of the sound therapy method known as Biofield Tuning, sharing about navigating and working with a sea of conflicting emotions.

In the first video, Eileen, author of Tuning the Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy, explains how Biofield Tuning works. 

In the next video, she shares how distance or virtual tunings are as highly effective as in-person sessions. Amazing, but true! This also means that tunings are far more accessible. 

In the final video, Eileen dives in deep as to why it is so important for each of us to alchemize trapped, unhealed emotions — and how Biofield Tunings can help restore health, harmony, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

Allow yourself a few minutes to really tune in. Perhaps even take notes — she covers a lot of information!

What is Biofield Tuning?
How Biofield Tuning Can Harmonize Stressful Energy Patterns

Don’t miss these key points:

  • (0:08) The purpose of Biofield Tuning
  • (0:30) The role of emotions
  • (1:11) Working with dissonance in the system

How does Biofield Tuning work over time, space, and distance?
Do virtual sessions actually work?

Be sure to catch these mind-opening moments:

  • (0:15) Eileen’s initial reaction to Distance Sound Healing
  • (0:38) Eileen’s first Distance Session
  • (1:46) Group Online Tunings?
  • (2:53) The response and results
  • (3:50) Quantum Entanglement?
  • (4:01) Accessing data in your biofield

How Will I Know If the Tunings Really Work? 
Helpful for empaths — how to alchemize energy/emotions 

Highlights for empaths and sensitives:

  • (0:15) Levels of connection & awareness
  • (1:01) Alchemists for humanity
  • (1:12) Empaths and sensitives
  • (2:39) What is the work really about? 
  • (3:54) Netflix & chocolating method

I really hope you enjoyed these informative videos with Eileen as much as I did. I cracked up when she mentioned Netflix and chocolating! LOL! Been there. You too?

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