What Does it Mean to Think Electrically About Your Health?

What Does it Mean to Think Electrically About Your Health?


Did you know that everything in your body is powered on electricity?

When your electrical health is optimal, so is the health of your body, according to Eileen McKusick, sound-therapy practitioner and founder of Biofield Tuning.

Conversely, the life-force energies in your biofield flowing through and around you have electromagnetic qualities that can become disharmonized when your system is out of balance.

Discover more about your body’s electricity when you watch Ellen’s video above.

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video:

  • (0:00) — The surprising root cause of almost all health disorders and dis-ease 
  • (0:37) — The health consequences of low self-worth
  • (1:08) — Eileen’s own journey from being overweight and broke
  • (1:39) — What happened when Eilen learned to think electrically
  • (1:49) — How you can learn to think electrically and start to consider your body from an electric perspective

Eileen is such a pioneer in the world of sound healing — I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch!

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