How Dr. Wayne Dyer Discovered Anita Moorjani's Groundbreaking Near-Death Experience Teachings

The Shift Team
The Shift Team

Before she became a celebrated international speaker and bestselling author, Anita Moorjani was living an anonymous life in Hong Kong…

... until world-renowned author and speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer decided he had to find her...

In the following 6-minute video, watch as Anita explains why Wayne sought her out after she shared her groundbreaking near-death experience (NDE) story online:

Anita’s Near-Death Experience

Anita's end-stage cancer had metastasized all over her body. Her organs failed and she fell into a coma. The doctors said she wasn't coming back. With her grieving family around her hospital bed… she died.

That was 13 years ago. What convinced her to come back to her body were these words from her long-deceased father: “It’s not your time... Go back and live fearlessly.”

(You can watch Anita share an in-depth account of her NDE here.)

What happened to Anita while she hovered between life and death is endlessly fascinating, but what’s even more profound is the transformative wisdom she acquired during her near-death experience (NDE), which she is now sharing with the world.

Accessing the Wisdom of NDEs (Without Having One Yourself)

“I want people to tap into their own higher self,” says Anita. “That's the biggest thing I learned when I was on the other side…

“The idea is to discover who we are while we're here in the physical.”

And now she teaches her students all over the world how to do just that. Using experiential journeys that mirror what she encountered on the other side and powerful teachings from the wisdom she gained during her NDE, Anita guides seekers to access the joy, inner peace, and life purpose that she discovered.

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