Tools for Shamanic Journeying with Sandra Ingerman

Tools for Shamanic Journeying with Sandra Ingerman

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

Imagine closing your eyes and slipping into an altered state of consciousness as you travel outside of time — and into the hidden non-ordinary realms of reality, parallel to the “real universe” we reside in... 

This is the power of shamanic journeying, one of the major ceremonies a shaman performs.

As revered shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman has been sharing with her students for decades, shamans typically use some form of percussion, often drumming or rattling, to go into this altered state of consciousness, which then allows the free soul of the shaman to journey into invisible worlds.

In the above video, Sandra shares fascinating insights about the most common instruments used around the world for shamanic journeying.

Don’t miss these highlights in this inspiring video with Sandra:

  • (0:24) — How drumming impacts your brainwaves
  • (0:36) — What happens when your consciousness goes into a theta state
  • (0:51) — How cultures across time have used rattles to call in spirits and move into states of shamanic consciousness
  • (1:13) — How South American cultures use rattles to get to what Sandra calls the “primal sea”
  • (1:40) — What Australian cultures believe about the Dreamtime, their name for non-ordinary states of reality
  • (2:20) — Using a click stick, bells, Tibetan bowls, and other instruments  to create the monotonous percussive sound needed to drop your brainwaves into a shamanic state
  • (3:09) Alternatives for drums and rattles if you can’t afford them or aren’t quite ready to invest yet

The shamanic wisdom Sandra shares in this video harkens back to ancient times — yet the practices she shares can help us all live fuller lives, even in this very modern moment. 

I hope you’ll take a few moments to watch!

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