Are You Using the Power of Your Thoughts & Words for Good?

Are You Using the Power of Your Thoughts & Words for Good?

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

Most of us were told as children to think before we speak, but did you also learn to become aware of what you think?

Shamans believe we have the power to affect our bodies, minds, and souls –– and the plants, animals, and beings around us –– with our mere thoughts and words. We are all part of a great Web of Life.

And doing the inner work to become more aware of what we’re bringing to the world –– and how we may be affecting our lives and those of others –– is at the core of walking the shamanic path.

Shamanism offers us an approach to life that inspires authenticity, accountability, and reverence for all living things. It can also help us open to more love and joy and a greater sense of belonging.

Shamans learn from a very early age how to cultivate these human qualities… and we can learn to walk in their footsteps by adopting practices to help us clear our minds of negative thoughts and beliefs, and by opening our hearts to new beliefs and dreams that can better serve us and others.

The shamanic perception invites us to look at the world through sacred eyes and to humbly realize that we are but a part of this world and, yet, we can always be making a difference...

We can offer the Earth, cosmos, and other hearts around us thoughts and words that inspire love, light, strength, and beauty.

In this 8-minute video, renowned shamanism teacher Sandra Ingerman provides you with simple practices that can help you heighten your awareness of the thought loops you find yourself in throughout your day.

She also guides you in bringing your focus to thoughts and words that can help you and the world around you thrive.  

The power and destiny we were born with, Sandra teaches, is for us to dream a beautiful dream for all of life...


Don’t miss this powerful 8-minute video with key insights from a world-renowned shamanism teacher, who can help you make a positive shift in your life –– and, perhaps, the lives of others –– right now:   

  • (1:00) — Discover how we’re all a part of the Web of Life working together
  • (2:36) — Why the practice of shamanism starts with learning to develop a deep inner world 
  • (4:36) — An exercise to drop in and explore how your self-talk affects the organs in your body and the world around you
  • (6:34) — Shamanism teaches us that our destiny is to help dream a better life for all of life
  • (7:00)  –– An invitation to explore your ego, personality, and shadow selves, and the beautiful benefits this can bring

The practices that can help us establish the deep, rich inner world known by shamans and those dedicated to walking the shamanic path are available to us all… and benefit all of life.

Sandra offers us a window into this world, where everything and everyone is treated as sacred, and where learning to clear and land deeply in our own interior enables us to radiate outward the love and light we wish for others, ourselves, and the world.

Learn to Gain a Deeper Perspective on Your Life Challenges and Access Guidance Whenever You Need It With Shamanic Journeying in Sandra Ingerman’s FREE Virtual Workshop, The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying: How to Access Inner Guidance From Helping Spirits

Do you have a shamanism story to share? What’s your go-to practice for becoming more aware of your thoughts and words? We’d love to hear from you!