How to Build Energy Circuits for Healing and Manifestation

How to Build Energy Circuits for Healing and Manifestation

Erin Harris
Erin Harris:
Shift Team Writer

Are you able to create everything you want out of life? Do you feel that everything you do feeds you, and gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment?

Or... are you curious about how to create something that you feel is missing — something that would enrich you, nourish your family, and improve the world around you?

Your ability to manifest and be masterful in your life depends on how well the two systems that run your body are functioning.

We’re all very familiar with one of these systems… with modern science, we can study, dissect, diagram, and see it — our central nervous system.

The other system is less well-known. Yet, if you explore Eastern medicine and spirituality, you might already be familiar with it...

And surprisingly, it’s actually what built your central nervous system.

It’s your electromagnetic energy essence that profoundly affects your nervous system.

And if it’s chaotic... dispersed... weakened... agitated... or disconnected… then you’re merely surviving, rather than THRIVING in your innate ability to create and get everything you want out of life.

So what if you could bridge science and spirit to truly make your desires a reality?

In this 7-minute video, Dr. Sue Morter, a master of bioenergetic medicine and a quantum field visionary, reveals how you can master BOTH your nervous system AND your electromagnetic essence — by building more energetic circuits...

Watch as Dr. Sue gives an in-depth breakdown of how to recognize and  harness the wisdom and power that already exists within you.

She also shares key insights on why waiting for others (such as your boss, your spouse, your colleagues, or others) is NOT your destiny… and what you are meant to do to create a life you LOVE.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:01) — The two systems running your body and life (and how we can master just one of them to master them both)
  • (0:35) — How the subconscious part of our nervous system is controlling us and keeping us from manifesting what we want in life
  • (1:07) — How we need energetic “circuitry” to help us to anchor our awareness and allow us to manifest
  • (1:28) — Your electromagnetic energy flow as explained from eastern philosophy and quantum science
  • (3:00) — Dr. Sue explains circuitry as a flow of communication between your electromagnetic energy and your nervous system
  • (3:53) — How building energy circuits will help you spend more time as a “creative self” instead of just a “survivor self” so you can live a more generative life — to ignite and sustain the trajectories of your dreams
  • (5:12) — How follow-through on completing what you start is a sign of a healthy electromagnetic system and strong energetic circuits between your systems
  • (6:15) — Building a sensory awareness at the core of our being will allow us to be in touch with our own core wisdom and live AS that

If you want to generate your own life experience, the trick is to build more communication pathways between your two systems. You can tap into BOTH to acknowledge, ignite, create, and manifest in your life...

Do you have a manifestation story? How do you create more of what you LOVE in your life? We’d love to hear from you!

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