Decompressing Your Physical Reality: Healing & Manifesting in the Quantum Field

You are made up of energy…

And when you learn to properly steward the energy that IS you, you’ll become capable of transforming your reality and manifesting your desires with more ease than ever before.

In this 4-minute video Dr. Sue discusses the importance of getting in touch with — and living AS — the subtle energy self, the creative energy that you are MADE of.

When you start to feel, sense, and live as this non-physical 'subtle self,' you open up to a whole new level of transformation and manifestation in your life — one that requires much less work.

Don’t miss when Dr. Sue shares:

  • (0:24) —That the most effective way to work with the physical system is to begin to recognize the nonphysical version of who you are (your subtle energy self)
  • (1:09) — How you can learn to masterfully move through emotional and physical issues with energy practices... without having to do all of the work of processing and “fixing"
  • (2:37) — That its not your job to deal with a universe that everyone else is creating, its your job to create your own universe and invite people into it
  • (3:15) — How all physical matter (including the matter that makes up YOU) is compressed creative energy

Take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy Dr. Sue's deep insights from her years as an expert in bioenergetic medicine.  Learning to steward your energy can truely unlock a whole new world for you!

How are you honoring the creative energy that you are made up of? We’d love to hear from you!

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