How Do You Know You Are Tuned Into Your Body's Intuition? (And You're Not Just in Your Head...)

How Do You Know You Are Tuned Into Your Body's Intuition? (And You're Not Just in Your Head...)

The Shift Team
The Shift Team

Your body is a wellspring of wisdom serving up a consistent flow of signals — vital information intended to keep you safe and happy.

Yet often times, the primal connection to our body’s wisdom has been shut off — blocked by trauma, our daily busyness, or our inability to read our body’s wisdom correctly.

For many of us, it’s hard to differentiate between an intuitive “gut” feeling and the consistent underlying anxiety that we’ve become accustomed to.

In the above 5-minute video clip from conscious awareness expert Suzanne Scurlock, you’ll discover how to recognize when your gut is giving you an intuitive hit… and when your reaction may instead be a past trauma swirling around in your mind.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:56) — How do you tell if the uneasy feeling in your gut is a signal from your body saying something bad is about to happen — or whether it’s old trauma speaking to you?
  • (1:36) — The quality of how old trauma is sensed in your body
  • (2:23) — How an intuitive feeling is usually felt in the body
  • (3:30) — How your gut tells you what’s happening moment by moment (versus the “squirrel in the cage of your brain”)
  • (4:35) — How Suzanne has learned to fine-tune the process of understanding the signals from the gut (and how you can also do so yourself)

We hope you take a few minutes to listen to these practical insights from Suzanne Scurlock and to tap into the wisdom that your gut has for you right now!

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