Stop Trying to Figure Out the Meaning of Life and Start Doing This…

Stop Trying to Figure Out the Meaning of Life and Start Doing This…

Marjorie MacIntosh
Marjorie MacIntosh:
Shift Team

Do you find yourself endlessly searching for purpose or meaning in life only to come up feeling like something is missing?

Perhaps at times you get a little taste of feeling that purpose, but you are left wanting more, wondering, trying to figure out how to keep it going?

We’ve been trained to think this way — that there is a great meaning or purpose for our life that we need to “figure out.” And while of course there is a real meaning and purpose for each of our lives, it may be that using our heads to “figure it out” is not the most effective way of discovering it.

According to world-renowned chakra expert, Anodea Judith, what we really should focus on is the feeling of aliveness itself...

Anodea says, “ moments where you have that aliveness, you don't ask what the meaning of life is. It's really obvious. You're living it. You're full. You're alive.

So how do we get inside of our own aliveness and fully embody it?

You can actively cultivate aliveness by managing your charge (also known as your chi or life force). Aliveness happens when you are “charged up,” when you are activated but not over activated and when energy can move freely through your chakras.

Most of us have some intuitive way that we do this. You may find that you chase and stay in relationships that make you feel alive; they charge you up. Or you may partake in physical activities, adventures, or spiritual practices that give you the same sensation.

What’s better, is that you can consciously and regularly cultivate your aliveness with very simple techniques for clearing and activating your chakras.

Anodea Judith has changed over half a million lives through her teachings and bestselling book on activating, unblocking, and balancing the chakra system.

Listen in to this video as Anodea explains how we can find life purpose through managing our charge and feeling of aliveness:

Don't miss these video highlights:

(0:00) — Why we should be seeking aliveness instead of meaning

(0:22) — Some of the ways that we intuitively gravitate to the charge of aliveness

(0:59) — How you can learn to become conscious of your charge 

(1:30) — How becoming conscious of your charge leads to active management of your energy

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