A 6-Minute Chakra Practice to Supercharge Your Day

A 6-Minute Chakra Practice to Supercharge Your Day

Phil Bolsta
Phil Bolsta:
Shift Team Writer

Imagine the exhilarating feeling of universal life force coursing through your chakras as every cell in your body awakens and rejoices!

If “I can’t believe how tired I am” has become your daily mantra because of your lack of energy, that may sound like a faraway dream.

Ah, but it’s no idle fantasy...

In the powerful video below, bestselling author and internationally renowned chakra expert Anodea Judith offers precise breathing techniques to supercharge each of your seven chakras — those spinning wheels of energy that run up and down your spine.

(Chart based on the work of Anodea Judith)

Anodea defines chakras as “centers of organization for the reception, the assimilation and the expression of life force energy.”

In other words, your seven chakras “download” cosmic universal energy to “electrify” your body with vitality the way a solar panel downloads the energy of the sun to use for electricity.

When life force flows freely through your chakras, your body literally vibrates with energy. If you feel anything less than invigorated, one or more of your chakras are blocked.

These blocks — which are typically psychological or emotional or consequences of your belief system — manifest as self-limiting thoughts such as, “It’s not safe to open my heart” (fourth or “heart” chakra) or “I shouldn’t say anything” (fifth or “throat” chakra).

When you “supercharge” your chakras, you’re opening them more fully, removing restrictions and allowing the life force to flow freely.

Yes, removing blockages completely and permanently requires you to address the underlying issues that caused them. That said, Anodea’s practices can certainly help diminish the impact of these issues until you have the time or energy to pursue deeper healing.

And as she notes, these exercises “also bring attention and energy to an issue so that there is more awareness. And awareness is the beginning of all healing and awakening."

As you work with each of your seven chakras to heal, balance and harmonize them, you activate more life force (or chi, prana or, as Star Wars creatively termed it, “the Force”) to flow into and through you.

As you discover the properties of each chakra, you begin to grasp the inner psychology of your life force and how it works through the chakras to create the architecture of your soul.

So don’t put up with any more “I’m so tired I can’t think straight” days. These breathing exercises will supercharge your chakras and your day!



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