The Truth About Essential Oils: Breaking Down Myths & Misinformation

The Truth About Essential Oils: Breaking Down Myths & Misinformation

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Are you intrigued by the healing potential of essential oils — for improving your sleep and mood, calming your nervous system or treating common colds and the flu?

Or maybe you’ve even used medicinal plants and oils to augment your western medicine treatment of a more serious illness?

Essential oils are highly concentrated forms of herbal medicine at the intersection of ecology, biology and spirituality. Nature’s pharmacy offers a true bounty of medicinal plants to create these essential oils which benefit your body, mind and spirit.

There’s a fair amount of research and science documenting the positive impact of botanicals on improving the health and wellbeing of people, animals, even the environment.

However, there’s also a lot of misinformation out there too — circulating on websites, social media and even in product marketing, creating public health and safety issues.

Before you start applying or consuming these healing remedies, be sure to arm yourself with facts about the safe use of essential oils.

We asked David Crow, one of the world’s preeminent experts in plant medicine and essential oils, to dispel some of the most dangerous myths — and provide facts for the safe and effective use of essential oils.

In this information-packed (yes, grab your journal and pen!) 3-part audio series, David Crow breaks down the safe use of essential oils — both as a primary treatment and a support treatment for other therapies.

He also exposes fraudulent claims being made about essential oils and how you can protect yourself and your family.

Listen in as David shares sage advice you can truly trust… so you can derive the greatest benefit from nature’s healing pharmacy safely.

The History of Essential Oils: From Ancient Times to Modern Aromatherapy Practices

In this first audio, David shares the history of essential oils and the complexities of their use. He also explores fraudulent claims, misunderstandings and misuses of essential oils as well as how to use these powerful botanical products safely.

Don’t miss these highlights that David covers in this powerful 5-minute audio:

  • (:30) — Essential oil: From ancient roots to perfumery to modern aromatherapy
  • (2:29) — One of the biggest misconceptions about essential oils — and the most fraudulent claims from multi-level marketing companies and others!
  • (3:08) — How aromatics were used (and not used) during the days of the bible and neolithic homes 70,000 years ago
  • (4:11) — Historical distinction of ancient aromatics and the use of essential oils now
  • (5:00) — Biocompatibility and the how to use oils safely — and the possible toxic reactions if you don’t!

David Exposes The 3 Most Dangerous Claims About Essential Oils

In this second audio, David takes a deeper dive into the fraudulent claims of marketing companies and the public health hazards these claims are creating. He also breaks down exactly how you can use essential oils safely — including applying essential oils as well as taking them internally with proper dilution.

Here are a few points you’ll want to be sure to catch in this 10-minute audio with David:

  • (2:15) — Three most dangerous, fraudulent claims being made about essential oils that’s causing widespread misuse and adverse reactions
  • (3:45) — Phototoxicity safe application skin constitution and sensitivity
  • (4:34) — The importance of using quality essential oils: More than 70% of oils in US are contaminated
  • (6:48) — Dangers of taking essential oils undiluted internally (Caution: They can cause permanent damage)
  • (8:50) — Inflammation is NOT a sign of detoxification, inflammation is an indication that detoxification is needed

How To Use Essential Oils To Treat A Variety Of Conditions — SAFELY

In this third and final audio in this series, David examines the safe and proper use of essential oils — both as a primary treatment and a support treatment. He also answers in-depth, some of the most common questions related to the correct use of essential oils in treating a variety of conditions, from respiratory issues to chemotherapy side-effects to aromatherapy detoxification. 

  • (2:42) — Overview when essential oils are first line of treatment and when they are support treatments
  • (4:24) — Therapeutic benefits of essential oil use in massage for treating musculoskeletal disorders, improving lymphatic health and for detoxification
  • (5:36) — The effect of essential oils on the limbic system in treating stress, sleep issues and restoring balance to the body’s natural biorhythms
  • (6:55) — How to use essential oils safely in the digestive system as well as during medical treatments (including chemotherapy) or for lack of appetite
  • (8:25) — Can Frankincense essential oil cure cancer?

PLUS… David answers some of the most common essential oils questions and address the most common myths and misunderstandings with FACTS!

Nearly every culture, for hundreds of years, has used botanicals to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. Now you can tap into the medicinal benefits of plants to heal you, your family and the world around you… safely!

Do you use essential oils? If so, which essential oils and for what healing purpose? Did you have a positive experience or an adverse reaction to the oil? We’d love to hear from you!

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