Turning the Wheel of Heaven w/Robert Peng

Turning the Wheel of Heaven w/Robert Peng

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

In the practice and philosophy of Qigong, it’s essential to maintain a good balance between the “yin” (inward/still) and your “yang” (outward/active) energies… 

These energies are always flowing throughout your physical and subtle bodies — just as they flow throughout the entire manifest and unmanifest universe. 

In the 4-minute video above, internationally renowned Qigong master Robert Peng introduces a yang movement, Turning the Wheel of Heaven, to balance the yin dynamic established by Xi Breathing…

This exercise is the fourth in the 8 Cycles Movement of Qigong. It’s designed to open your heart and kidneys, move the big joints of your body, and cultivate energy for longevity

Follow along and experience for yourself how this exercise can also strengthen your flow state, connecting you with Universal Qi and Earth Qi — so you can move through life with integrity, alertness, happiness, and wisdom.

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video with Robert:

  • (0:09) — The principles to focus on so you can best cultivate inner power
  • (0:44) — A simple movement to raise and lower your Qi
  • (02:23) — How to lubricate your body’s biggest joints with the power of energy
  • (02:32) — The fountain of youth you already possess
  • (03:26) — What happens when you move with integrity

Robert has plenty of empowering wisdom to share. I hope you’ll set aside a few minutes to watch.

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