How to Live a Conscious Life & Realize Deep Soul Contentment

How to Live a Conscious Life & Realize Deep Soul Contentment

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

Life gives us plenty of opportunities and ample time to become more conscious before our precious time on Earth is up — and the ancient practice of Ayurveda provides many tools and insights to help us  live more consciously.

Unfortunately, since childhood most of us have been unconsciously ruled by and addicted to a reward-based brain chemistry that’s dependent on approval, appreciation, and consumerism — often at the expense of long-term health and happiness.

In the above video, John explains that you may often feel as though you have everything you need to be content — so why are you still unhappy? He’ll share Ayurveda’s insights into how accessing the truth of who you really are leads to contentment at a deep soul level.

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video with John:

  • (0:07) — How what we experience during the first six years of life impacts what we think, feel, and do
  • (0:32) — How the “reward system” within our culture causes stress in our nervous system and affects how we live
  • (1:10) — What the Ayurvedic system understands about life and about discovering the truth of who you are

Ayurveda is a life-affirming wisdom system that John walks us through so beautifully — I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch.

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