Unlocking Your Unique Gifts to Become Your Most Divine Self

Unlocking Your Unique Gifts to Become Your Most Divine Self

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

Once you release all of the trauma and stories of the past, you can tap into who you really are — your divine higher self.

Utilizing the ancient wisdom of the Vedic sutras, the unique gifts and powers you were meant to express can be unlocked and downloaded sooner than you imagined possible. 

Whatever spiritual gifts you’re meant to develop — that’s what will happen. These gifts will look different for each person — you may find that they help you tap into physical, mental, psychic, or spiritual powers… or something else entirely.

In the above video, leading energy medicine teacher Deborah King explains what happens when you open up the 8th chakra, which contains all of the amazing gifts you’re meant to share with the world. 

Don’t miss these highlights in this powerful video:

  • (0:06) — What most humans don’t realize about their own powers 
  • (0:21) — What happened when Deborah asked for the gift of healing
  • (1:16) — Where your gifts are located for most of your life
  • (2:05) — How you can become your most divine self

Deborah has so much insightful, empowering wisdom to share. Be sure to take a few minutes to watch!

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