The Vedic Concept of Soul

The Vedic Concept of Soul

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

While your soul is only an infinitesimal sliver of the Divine, it is immensely powerful.

According to Deborah King, a leading authority on energy medicine and bestselling author, the ancient Vedic sutras can help reveal your highest gifts as a human being… and as a soul...

The sutras are mystical, sacred phrases that are seeds for a truly fulfilling and awakened life. When “planted” in your consciousness, they carry potent spiritual vibrations that can transform your entire energy field.

In the above video, Deborah invites you to feel into the depths of your being and your soul while focusing on the wisdom of the Vedic sages — and allow yourself to be transported into higher consciousness…

Don’t miss these highlights in this soul-awakening video with Deborah:

  • (0:06) — What tranquility encompasses
  • (0:11) — How small yet significant your soul truly is (this might surprise you!)
  • (0:36) — What happens when you leave this life
  • (0:56) — What the great sages talk about, and what you can learn from them

Deborah delivers a powerful message in this video. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to take it in.

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