Psychedelics for Therapeutic Purposes

Psychedelics for Therapeutic Purposes

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

When you explore non-ordinary states of consciousness, you gain a deeper appreciation for your capacity for growth.

As a result, you can cultivate a more profound vision for your life — and an expanded toolkit for clearing old traumas from both your psyche and body.

Exploring these non-ordinary states can ultimately liberate you from limited ideas of who you are and what you’re capable of achieving and becoming.

Dr. Stanislav Grof has been one of the earliest and most accomplished pioneers of these non-ordinary realms through his decades of legal research into the therapeutic use of psychedelics.

In the above video, Stan explains how psychedelics can be used most effectively in therapy — to incorporate transpersonal domains most often explored by shamans and healers.

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video with Stan:

  • (0:11) — The mental health issue that Stan says could most benefit from psychedelics, because “nothing else can help these people”
  • (01:15) — The scenarios people can relive through the use of psychedelics
  • (01:33) — A phenomenon that’s not well-understood in the fields of psychology and psychiatry
  • (03:10) — What practitioners must consider before they open their patients’ psyches on such deep levels

Stan has so much trailblazing wisdom to share; I hope you take a few minutes to watch.

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