How Does Archetypal Astrology Connect the Psyche to the Cosmos?

How Does Archetypal Astrology Connect the Psyche to the Cosmos?

With its 5,000+ years of history, astrology is one of the oldest integrated systems of knowledge in the world. It’s been championed by some of history’s greatest scholars and philosophers, from Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire to the Renaissance and beyond.

Astrology is grounded in predictable planetary patterns — yet mainstream science has yet to embrace this body of wisdom and connect the dots between astrological causes and effects.

According to Rick Tarnas, a Harvard-trained philosopher and former astrology skeptic, archetypal astrology explores the connection between planetary patterns in the solar system and archetypal patterns in human experience — and holds remarkable predictive value for the essence of each period in history.

When Rick shared his findings with Stan Grof, the eminent founder of transpersonal psychology and one of the foremost thinkers of our day, they came to see that each of us is born as an individual expression of the archetypal energies that are saturating the collective at the time.

In the above video, Rick explains how archetypal astrology connects the individual psyche to the cosmos...

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video, as Rick shares:

  • (0:00) — The reason why all of astrology is archetypal
  • (0:31) — Why Carl Jung revived the term archetype
  • (1:11) — The principle that explains why we see beauty in the world around us
  • (3:00) — The surprising 40-year-old discovery that led to breakthroughs in our understanding of human psyche

Rick has some truly fascinating wisdom to share. I hope you’ll set aside a few minutes to watch.

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Is Archetypal Astrology the Rosetta Stone of the Human Psyche?

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