Stan Grof On the Intersection of Science And Spirituality

Stan Grof On the Intersection of Science And Spirituality

The Shift Team
The Shift Team

In this 5-minute audio, Stan discusses the convergence of spiritual insights with the insights of quantum physics, which he explored during his lifelong career in transpersonal psychology.

According to Stan, holotropic experiences — experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness we can all learn to access — can provide you with cosmic wisdom and a deeper understanding of yourself and the nature of the universe. These states also can also help you move past troubles and traumas — and toward an experience of more wholeness in your everyday life.

Enjoy this snippet to get a taste of this provocative understanding of our consciousness, spirituality, and the nature of the universe... 

Be sure to catch these highlights:

  • (0:20) — Stan answers the question: Are holotropic states more real than our everyday reality?
  • (0:58) — A definition of transpersonal experiences — experiences where you find deep cosmic insights, dimensions of reality that we are not normally aware of, and a deeper understanding of who we are
  • (2:10) — How many transpersonal experiences have been confirmed by the highest levels of science
  • (2:51) — How these type of profound mystical experiences can be experienced like awakening from a sleep and feeling like you have been living in a trance
  • (3:25) —How the insights found in holotropic states tend to converge with perennial spiritual wisdoms as well as with with modern quantum relativistic physics and systems theory
  • (4:29) — How the Hindu ideas of “divine play” and “illusion” are similar to the discoveries of quantum phsysics

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