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As we get older and become caught up in the daily grind, we often find that everyday stresses begin to build up over time and zap our energy on so many levels.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Did you know that when you come into alignment in your chakras you align and resonate in the divine current — a place of boundless energy, vitality, and healing?

Well, you do.

Imagine how your life might expand and open to the field of possibilities if you just spent a few minutes a day accessing this divine current… it could be akin to drinking from the fountain of youth every day!

In this 12-minute guided meditation video with world-renowned chakra expert and bestselling author, Dr. Anodea Judith, you will awaken and align your chakras — what she calls “your sacred portals between the inner and outer worlds.”

She will guide your through the sacred elements, beginning with rooting your chakra down into the earth, and guide you inside your “inner temple” to bring you chakras into alignment.

You will continue expanding into and and embracing each of the seven sacred centers of the chakras while you visualize and appreciate their unique elemental gifts.

Before you start the meditation take a moment to check in with your energy. Notice any places where you feel sluggish or blocked. Then, let Anodea guide you through the practice, and see how it brightens and lifts your energy and your flow of vitality!

Now close the doors, turn off your phone, and gift yourself 12-minutes of youthful bliss... 

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