Stan Grof On Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

Marjorie MacIntosh
Marjorie MacIntosh:
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Consciousness is a fundamental aspect of the universe,” says world-renowned psychiatrist and consciousness researcher, Dr. Stan Grof, in the above three-minute video.

“The brain somehow mediates consciousness but certainly is not the source of consciousness.”

Stan, a legendary thinker who is known as the “father of transpersonal psychology,” has spent the better part of his life exploring the psyche and how we can use non-ordinary states of consciousness — states outside of our everyday awareness that go beyond our perceived limitations of the brain — for growth, healing and development.

In the video, Stan explains how quantum physicists are aligning with the great spiritual traditions about the nature of human consciousness — and how we can use these insights to heal and grow on our path.

Make sure to catch these highlights:

  • (0:12) — How consciousness may be a fundamental aspect of the universe instead of simply a product of the brain
  • (0:40) — How quantum physicists see consciousness that can be traced back to the big bang, the very origin of the universe
  • (1:00) — How the great spiritual traditions’ views of consciousness align with this science
  • (1:48) — How it is not enough to be oriented to our daily external world — we need to experience deep inner transformation using non-ordinary states of consciousness
  • (2:24) — How non-ordinary states can be conducive to healing, spiritual opening, development of a completely new strategy of life… and may be essential for the future of the planet

“When we work with these states, we can learn much about the human psyche, consciousness and even the nature of reality,” says Stan.

Through actively accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness, we can expand our view of the cosmos and also learn to heal and grow — moving past old traumas into and entirely different narrative of life.

What have your own explorations been on non-ordinary states of consciousness? Share your comments below!

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