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The Three Suns: The Path of Kundalini Awakening

For millennia, mystics and saints have stated that the normal energy in your body is to Kundalini energy what a candle flame is to the sun.

Imagine the infinite power of that energy rising up your spine, from your lower chakra centers through your heart center and all the way to the crown of your head…

It is there, the ancient ones said, that your spirit gloriously merges with Spirit, when you become a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The sheer power of that union is beyond our imagining. The Bhagavad Gita, the holiest of ancient Hindu scriptures, states that experiencing this divine connection is like seeing the explosion of a thousand suns in the sky.

Before you can glimpse the brilliance of those thousand suns, says spiritual teacher Raja Choudhury, the Kundalini energy first needs to awaken the three suns in your own body, which correspond to your seven chakra centers….

In this 9-minute video, Raja celebrates the sun, literally and figuratively, as it relates to the transformative Kundalini awakening.

Watch as Raja explains that the Kundalini energy that rises up has to go through the first world, which is the first sun within you, in order to get to the higher regions of spirituality and mystical adventures.

Don’t miss these highlights that Raja covers in this energizing “mini-workshop”:

  • (0:43) — The mantra from Hindu Scriptures that celebrates the sun 
  • (1:41) — The ancient mystics who were awestruck after uniting with the Divine
  • (2:31) — Why awakening your inner suns requires you to start at the Earth
  • (4:12) — The wonderful energy of the second sun
  • (5:44) — The third sun: the gateway to higher consciousness

And don’t miss 7:20 when Raja speaks about the reality of the thousand suns.

When you complete the journey through the three suns, you will gain access to infinite intelligence, wellness, possibilities, and manifestations — and become a beautiful beacon of light that radiates out to all of humanity.

Have you already tried to awaken your Kundalini energy? What was your experience? We’d love to hear from you!

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