What’s the Buzz on European Bee Shamanism?

What’s the Buzz on European Bee Shamanism?

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

During times of uncertainty, change, and imbalance in our relationship with the Earth, bee shamanism holds powerful wisdom that you can apply to your daily life right away…

By working with the honeybees as spirit guides — and through intentional dreaming — you can develop a deeper relationship with yourself, Spirit, and the animate Earth.

In the tradition of European bee shamanism, dreaming with bees can profoundly affect your dream state. Honeybees were considered sacred beings in the ancient world and in European folklore. 

According to Ariella Daly, a dream teacher, healer, and bee guardian, bee wisdom and hive intelligence are vitally important to humankind right now…

In the above video, Ariella shares bee shamanism’s fascinating roots. She also explains how it can bring intentionality into your dreamwork — and vitality to your being, body, and life.

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video:

  • (0:04) — The regions of the world where the practice of bee shamanism first appeared
  • (0:23) — The Path of Pollen, and the Greek bee priestesses
  • (0:35) — The potentially life-changing lessons you can learn from the bees
  • (0:43) — What happens when you connect with your “interior roses and stars”

Ariella has so much knowledge to share about this fascinating wisdom tradition. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch!

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